Home remedies have been used as the earliest form of medicine before modern medicine came about. These have been used for centuries to fight common illnesses such as colds, upset stomachs, and toothaches. According to new research, half of Americans prefer natural home remedies as a treatment to common illness rather than prescribe medicine.

In this survey, the study showed that nearly three-quarters of respondents believe that natural remedies are safer than prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Here’s what you need about home remedies


What are Home Remedies?

Home remedies are medicines that are made from ingredients available at home, usually found in the kitchen. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are some natural home remedies that treat different kinds of illnesses. It is known that home remedies have plenty of benefits. 


Benefits of Home Remedies


Ingredients used for home remedies can usually be found in the kitchen, as they are also used for cooking. They are much cheaper than prescription and over-the-counter medicines. These medicines are manufactured and processed by pharmaceutical companies so they are much expensive.


As these home remedies are readily found in your homes, you can assure that your ingredients for home medicines are clean and natural.


Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are easy to find and acquire in local supermarkets. If you have a space in the backyard, you can plant or grow herbs and medicinal flowers that can cure minor illnesses.

Home remedies are milder than prescription medicines

The medicinal contents of home remedies are fresh and natural; unlike over-the-counter and prescription drugs which consist of chemicals that may cause side effects or allergic reactions.

More effective than prescription medicines

Home remedies can treat a wide range of minor illnesses like coughs, colds, upset stomach, and many more.

Fewer side effects

Herbs and other ingredients for natural remedies have fewer side effects as it contains natural and organic. Prescription and over-the-counter medicine contain chemicals that can cause allergies or side effects to a person.


Do Home Remedies Work?

There are reasons why organic home remedies have been used for centuries and in different cultures. Home remedies are extremely popular because it is cheaper, accessible, and effective to treat minor illnesses. Natural remedies should be used to efficiently treat a wide range of ailments. With the correct use of natural remedies and depending on how it is regularly used, home remedies work well. 

Though, consumers should be aware of herbal remedies, as some of these are not governed nor approved by any governmental agency. You should be reminded that home remedies are not meant to replace treatments for major diseases. They do not provide a miraculous cure. 


Home Remedies vs. Over-the-Counter Medicine: Which is better?

When a time comes that we obtain an illness, we have to take extreme measures on the right medicine we should take. The question lies on which is the better remedy; home remedies or over-the-counter medicine. 

To have a better look at which is better medicine, let’s look at their advantages and disadvantages. 


Advantages of Home Remedies

  1. Home remedies contain ingredients from herbal plants that are used to treat health conditions. This can also be used as a supplement for staying healthy. 
  2. Home remedies are versatile. They can be used in the form of capsules, powder, liquids, tablets, and teabags. 
  3. These home remedies have fewer chemicals as it came from natural and organic plants.

Disadvantages of Home Remedies

  1. These home remedies are not standardized and proven tested by any governmental agency. 
  2. Some home remedies may contain compounds that may harm a person. 
  3. These home remedies may take longer to take effect other than over-the-counter and prescription medicines.


Here are some home remedies that you can use to treat minor illnesses. 

  1. Turmeric

    This golden spice has been discovered in South Asia. Turmeric is best to treat pain with inflammation. It contains curcumin that can relieve pain. Just put ½ cup to 1 ½ teaspoon of turmeric to your drink and you’re good to go.

  2. Ginger

    Ginger is commonly used as a home remedy for cold, sore throat, and nausea. It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. You can add ginger in your tea or soup.

  3. Eucalyptus Oil

    Eucalyptus oil is used to relieve body pain even after inhaling. Eucalyptus oil contains a 1,8-cineole which is a eucalyptol that relieves pain.

  4. Lavender

    Using lavender helps with migraine attacks, reduces anxiety, and restlessness. It can be used as a tea or inhale it as an essential oil.


Home remedies have been with us for centuries and passed on from our ancestors. However, it may not be the case for some major illnesses, but natural and herbal home remedies are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to cure minor illnesses. Also, keep in mind that home remedies are safe and beneficial to use when done right. When in doubt, it is still better to consult your doctor.