It’s argued that organic herbal tea is becoming more popular than regular traditional tea (black, yellow, green, white). Not only is it known for its healthy components that can help with detoxing, weight loss, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and low cholesterol, herbal teas can also increase mental alertness. 

Herbal teas can also be a soothing and relaxing hot drink, especially when mixed with other herbs and flavors. Surely not all herbal teas may have that same health benefits for everyone, but it’s a good thing that it comes with variations. 

One of the best brands of herbal teas is Traditional Medicinals. It’s a perfect cup of plant power, with over 50 high-quality herbal teas for various wellness categories.


What’s Special About Traditional Medicinal Tea? 

Traditional Medicinals have been in the industry of wellness tea since 1974. They are passionate about seeking alternative lifestyles of using natural food and herbal remedies. The herbal teas are known to be beneficial in detox, digestion, heart health, relaxation, prenatal and postnatal, stress relief, and many more. Traditional medicinal teas offer a variety of flavors that can refresh your palette and rejuvenate overall wellness. 


Traditional Medicinal teas


Our Top 10 Traditional Medicinal Favorites 

As it becomes the world’s favorite organic herbal tea, we’ve come up with the Top 10 best Traditional Medicinals Tea. 


1. Chamomile with Lavender 

This is a perfect combination of organic herbs to calm the nerves and ease tensions in your body. It is also gentle on the stomach and a great remedy for anyone who has sleeping issues. With the right amount of lavender essential oils, you’d have a goodnight’s sleep. 

2. Echinacea Plus

 This herb tea is your go-to drink to help boost your immune system. It has a mild, minty with a twist of citrus flavor that may not taste good at first. But as you get used to it, it becomes a refreshing and relaxing morning drink. 

3. Ginger Aid 

This herbal tea serves as a solution to indigestion and nausea. This is a perfect after-meal drink that helps calm an upset stomach. With its fast-acting compounds, you’ll immediately feel relieved. It is far better than any ginger-flavored drink. If you love ginger flavored drinks, then it is by far the best ginger aid tea. 

4. Roasted Dandelion Root Tea 

If you are trying to avoid caffeine but still want a strong taste of coffee, then this is the traditional tea for you. It is brewed nicely and dark that adds up to the richness and flavor of this tea. 

5. Peppermint

This is an all-time favorite aromatic organic herbal tea that instantly helps soothe an upset stomach. It is best in peppermint tea and brings a minty and refreshingly good feeling. 

6. EveryDay Detox

Literally, EveryDay tea is perfect for weight loss.  It also promotes healthy liver function. It has the right balance of all five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy which makes it delightfully unique. 

7. Mother’s Milk

This is a perfect organic tea for lactating moms as it supports breast milk production. It has a distinct licorice taste which can taste bad but with a spoonful of honey, it should taste great. You can also pair it with a lactation cookie. 

8. Nighty night

If you’re having a hard time switching sleep patterns and chamomile does not work for you, you must try this organic herbal tea. It will help you relax and get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling good. It is also a good alternative to sleeping pills. 

9. Smooth Move 

This is your go-to tea when you want to flush away that bloated feeling. It has that sweet and aromatic, spiced orange note that helps relieve constipation. However, this is not an everyday tea though due to its laxative component (senna) as it can have negative side effects. It tastes strangely sweet like the kind of sweet from Stevia. 

10. Throat Coat

Get that spa-like treatment for your throat with the help of this tea. With its sweet and silky taste, you’ll feel that soothing effect on your throat in just one sip. This throat coat tea is essential to those who use their voice in many various ways. 


All these variations of Traditional Medicinals Tea have plenty of benefits. But the taste must also be considered as everyone has their taste preferences. Their organic tea has been famous all over the world and surely worth giving it a try to keep you happy and healthy.