We have known the medicinal benefits of different kinds of herbs and their magic to every disease. But, what about those viral diseases? Can we also use herbs to help with viral diseases? The answer is YES. There are antiviral herbs that can help in healing these viral diseases. 


What’s the difference between bacteria and viruses? 

These two are easily confused to be the same but they are not. A bacteria is associated with plants, animals, and even with humans. It is said that good bacteria living in our guts while bad bacteria may cause infectious diseases that can be treated with antibiotics or antibacterial herbs. 

While viruses, on the other hand, invade our cells as they need a host to live in to reproduce. It could be really hard to treat as it is replicating inside our body. Fortunately, there are herbs that have antiviral components that can help in fighting these viruses. 


Here are 10 Antiviral Herbs to Use in Viral Diseases

  1. Oregano

    –  This minty herb  is known to its plant compound called carvacrol that has an antiviral compound. Its component has been used to treat herpes and rotavirus.

  2. Sage –

    Another minty herb that has been used for so long to treat viral infections. The leaves and stem of the plant are said to have the antiviral properties that can heal the infection found in farm animals like horses.

  3. Basil –

    We all know this as a garnish to our food. But surprisingly, this herb has a property of fighting viral infections such as Hepatitis B, enterovirus, and herpes.

  4. Garlic – 

    This herb has a lot of medicinal benefits for various ailments, which includes viral infections. It enhances the immune system and guards the body against viral infections.

  5. Peppermint  –

    This herb is commonly added to our teas. Peppermint also produces essential oils from its leaves, which is known to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.Antiviral Herb

  6. Rosemary –

    This is another herb that we commonly used to spice up our food. Rosemary shows a strong antiviral activity that is used to heal HIV, influenza, and hepatitis A.

  7. Ginger –

    Our favorite go-to herbal remedy that has always been in our kitchen is also known to have a strong antiviral property that helps in preventing avian influenza and feline calicivirus.

  8. Ginseng –

    A family of ginger that is famously known as a natural remedy in Chinese medicine. It is also known to be effective in fighting viruses such as Hepatitis B and other serious diseases like meningoencephalitis.

  9. Echinacea –

    This flowering plant, which we usually use as a natural remedy, is also known to have an antiviral component that can be used to treat herpes and influenza.

  10. Licorice – Another ancient Chinese medicine that has a powerful antiviral compound that is an effective cure against HIV, herpes, and severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS-CoV).                                      

These herbs have been used since ancient times. They have always been available in our kitchen. But just like any other medicines or antibiotics, taking these herbs should follow a certain dosage to avoid overdose, as it may have some side effects which are bad for our body. Some of these herbs may not also be enough to treat the infections, so it is still best to consult the doctor.