About Lisa Gates

Hi, my name is Lisa Gates and I live in Oregon with my partner and 3 pets! I live a life of simplicity and enjoy yoga every morning along with daily bike rides or hikes, and cooking healthy meals. 

As the health trend began to move away from using over the counter medications, it piqued my interest in herbal remedies. I had health issues of my own and home remedies seemed like a viable option for me.

I initially started looking into natural remedies for my own personal use and issues, then quickly started to find out how unknown these alternative medicines were to the common person. Even though the trend has been on the rise, I still don’t think many people are utilizing them and I want to help with that!

After spreading my knowledge of herbal remedies to my friends and family, I got a lot of positive feedback and one girlfriend of mine even suggested making a blog. Fast forward a few weeks later and My Herbal Remedies Guide was born.

I have done a plethora of research on my own over the years, as well as talked to herbalists about my issues and gotten opinions from professionals across the board. I cannot say that every illness or health issue can be helped with herbal remedies but I can say that they have helped me! Before diving into the world of home remedies, please consult your doctor to see if these methods can work for you as well.

The My Herbal Remedies Guide blog is a way for me to share my experience, knowledge, and passion with others! If you have any questions or want me to cover a topic, please message me through Facebook!